Eden Eternal starts pre-registration… and offers players NFTs for participation

Of course this is the hitch.

If you were looking forward to the relaunch of Eden Eternal under X-LEGEND, we have some bad news for you. It’s not exactly the bad news you might normally expect. The game has started its pre-registration phase for players to sign up for the upcoming game’s launch, and that’s fine… up until the part where the game proudly notes that it’s also offering an NFT Alpaca reward for finishing a series of missions. Does that make you more excited for the game?

The obvious question is how this tracks with the game’s presence on Steam, which seems to be answered by the fact that the NFT in question is not an in-game item. In fact, at a glance it might even seem like the people running the game don’t actually understand what an NFT is and are just using the language for forum decorations… until you look at the giveaway page and see that it’s specifically talking about crypto wallets and the like. So no, we’re sorry to say that this is exactly what it says it is. They’re offering NFTs, just outside of the game so hopefully that’ll bypass Steam restrictions. Hooray.

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