Second Wave is an in-development anime-styled hero shooter from former TERA and Black Desert devs


If your idea of a good hero shooting time is doing so with a bunch of anime-styled characters, then you might be interested in the upcoming game Second Wave, a self-described party role hero team shooter/MOBA with a diverse cast of characters fighting over something called the Arcane Stone.

Second Wave comes from Challengers Games, a studio that features devs who worked on TERA console, programmers who worked on Black Desert on all platforms, and cinematic producers who worked on Elden Ring and Dark Souls. The studio has been offering up details as early as September 2022, back when the game was called Project B, while the most recent news post heralds the team’s arrival to GDC and the promise to reveal testing plans soon.

As for gameplay, it appears to be mostly fixated on team deathmatch along with some PvPvE combat sprinkled in judging from a gameplay trailer. More gameplay details are likely to come soon, but for now the game’s site has several backstory tidbits while some trailers of the game in action await below the cut.

source: official site (1, 2) via MMO Culture
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