Lord of the Rings Online prepares for Update 35.1’s new raid


If ever there was a fine location for a raid in Lord of the Rings Online, it would certainly be in a place known as the Witch-king’s Citadel. That location and the associated raid will be the next major piece of post-Update 35 content, and last week players were able to get their first taste of this fight on the Bullroarer test server.

“Once the seat of the Witch-king of Angmar, the dread citadel of Gwathrenost casts a long shadow upon the city of Carn Dûm. All but abandoned after the Steward of Angmar was deposed, the remnants of the Iron Crown have crept forth from the shadows, seeking to master a lost artifact of the Witch-king and reclaim dominion over the realm.”

A new high-level raid isn’t all that was tested, as the build also brought on a number of quest fixes, some overall specific updates for the game itself, and a few tweaks to PvMP on top. This first round of testing is already wrapped up, but more may be coming down the pike later. In the meanwhile, players should probably get ready for more Witch-king things.

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