DC Universe Online puts its new Shock to the System episode up for public testing


Episode 45 for DC Universe Online is getting a little bit closer to its full release as the content update has made its way to the MMO’s PTR, so if you like the hero Static or like seeing the words Shock to the System a bunch of times, your ship has arrived. Or maybe you just like to see new content in the game; that’s always a possibility too.

The new episode includes the new open world area of Dakota City complete with missions to take on; a new duo, alert, and raid for the episode; some new gear including a new artifact and augments; and the ability to summon Static as an ally.

The update is also offering some more general additions to the game like a new emote wheel, a new emote vendor, some changes to the On Duty menu, stability improvements for the broker, and a small list of bug fixes. Testing is open to players regardless of subscription, so now is a good time to test what’s next and give some thoughts.

source: official forums (1, 2)
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