New World fixes the naked character bug as the game zips up Steam sales charts


Aight, New World, what is going on over there? First we got a personal public apology from the lead dev over the delay for Fellowship & Fire, which did indeed launch yesterday morning, but it was then almost immediately derailed by some pretty nasty bugs – including a bug that was stripping some characters naked and leaving them over-encumbered and stuck wherever they stood.

“We have established that this situation only affects characters that disconnected from New World before the Season 1 update, and were either killed before the next login, or disconnect the Death’s Door screen,” an update from Amazon last night clarified. “[T]his issue does not impact characters that disconnect in either of the above states after the Season 1 of Fellowship and Fire was released. It is only those who were in a ‘death’s door’ state before the update.”

Amazon also notes that you don’t need to file reports to be fixed; a global fix went out in the wee hours of this morning. Yes, there is compensation en route, but only for impacted players.

Don’t feel too sorry for Amazon right now, though; the game did push into the top 10 (it’s #1, actually, as I type this, discounting Valve’s own bumped products, though it’s #5 according to SteamDB) sellers list on Steam following the release. The game hasn’t seen much of a playerbase boost from the update, however, as it’s basically fallen again to roughly where it was last summer.

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