Elder Scrolls Online studio addresses allegation of fan art used on cash shop skin

Real enough.

In July 2020, an artist by the name of Relan Daevath created some Elder Scrolls fanart featuring some incredible-looking tattoo flash styled after some of the gods of the game’s fiction. This year, that same artist was surprised to see his work surface again… as part of a Crown Store skin being sold by Elder Scrolls Online.

Relan brought attention to the situation on Tumblr and Twitter, which in turn drew the eyes of Redditors and ignited a controversy among fans of the MMORPG. Relan seemed content with giving a defeated shrug of the shoulders about the matter, but in a follow-up tweet overnight he confirmed that ZeniMax Online Studios had contacted him and was investigatng.

Indeed, just an hour ago, ZeniMax posted that it’s working to make amends.

“We are aware of the situation with the ESO Fan Artist. It was never our intention to include any community fan art without proper credit. We are in contact with the artist and will work with them to make sure that there is a proper resolution.”

sources: Tumblr (1, 2), Reddit, Twitter (1, 2), thanks to Bruno for the tip!
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