The Daily Grind: Does it bug you when MMO cash shops rotate out their buyables?


One of my few pet peeves with Guild Wars 2 has been the design of its cash shop, which traditionally has rotated through its back catalogue, meaning that most of the things you could want to buy aren’t available when you are ready to buy them. The addition of the Black Lion Statuette vendor helped a lot with that, or would’ve if the primary way to get statuettes weren’t lockboxes I won’t buy, but that’s besides my point today. I wanna talk about ArenaNet’s recent changes to that system, which include not only reducing prices but adding “all existing Black Lion Exclusive items as permanent options from the Black Lion Statuette vendor.”

Apart from how you get statuettes, this is a very good change! I understand that games with a huge cash-shop lineup from years of additions don’t want their cash shops to feel overwhelming, and I understand that they’re trying to inject some FOMO (even though I think it’s a terrible thing to do to players). If these items were buyable directly with gems, I’d be hunting for pompoms to cheer the update.

Does it bug you when MMO cash shops rotate out their buyables? How would you prefer cash shop offerings be handled?

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