EVE Online’s month-long battle at X47L-Q concludes with a destroyed keepstar and trillions of ISK in losses


Over the past few weeks, a battle has been unfolding in EVE Online in X47L-Q, which drew in some impressive numbers in terms of players and ISK losses. That fighting kept on happening over the past few days, ultimately leading to the destruction of the keepstar located in the system.

EVE’s twitter feed offered some some data for the battle over this past weekend as it tallied the keepstar’s armor percentage and ISK losses. At the end of it all, the fight is being promoted as another marker in the sandbox’s history, with trillions of ISK lost over a 13 hour-long battle that was stretched over five weeks.

Fellow blogger Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob provided his own personal play-by-play of the keepstar’s final moments, noting that the structure went down without too much resistance while also providing plenty of pictures and a link of the building’s recorded death. For those who prefer to stay on the outside and look in on EVE’s battles, it’s a worthwhile and context-filled summary.

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