EVE Online is putting its new launcher and graphical upgrades to the test today


MMO launchers follow a very basic principle: Nobody ever notices a good one, but a bad one can sully the whole game. Which one will EVE Online’s new launcher be? You can find out for yourself, literally, when CCP Games runs a sneak peek test on Singularity today at 1 p.m. EDT.¬†Or you can just read the dev blog and look at the pretty pictures. That works too.

“The relentless pursuit of deepening your immersion in New Eden continues with the unveiling of the newest EVE Launcher, now available in Beta,” the studio says.

“The new launcher offers a more immersive experience by putting your characters front and center, and offering personalized content, in addition to improving security and performance. The updated launcher also enables automatic updates, faster development, and native support for all operating systems and architectures supported by EVE Online. It also offers a more tailored experience that depends on players’ familiarity with the game, with new players getting a simplified version and educational content, while veterans can focus on character management and communication.”

The studio does note that players don’t need to ditch the old launcher just yet – just don’t try to run both of them at the same time.

During today’s test, players will also be able to check out the new graphical enhancements, including unlimited shadows in scenes and smoother antialiasing, cutting down on the pixelated shimmer effect.

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