Old School RuneScape beta tests the rewards for its upcoming Desert Treasure II quest


What MMORPG beta tests the rewards of its quest line before those rewards or the quest itself go live? Old School RuneScape, that’s what, and testing of rewards for the Desert Treasure II quest is precisely what’s happening this week to ensure players “feel confident in the rewards [they’ll] get for completing this epic quest.”

This naturally means that beta worlds are open for this testing round, where players will find themselves in Ferox Enclave with every quest reward in their inventory and a boss helper tool that lets players pick fights with bosses. The newsletter also goes into greater detail on each quest reward, with particular attention paid to the Ruinous Powers prayer book.

As for the rest of OSRS, this week has some improvements to existing Poll 79 features, a couple of general changes, and another cryptic clue. It’s another information-packed newsletter for OSRS players, whether they’re testing the new shiny or not.

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