Kickstarted Fractured Veil delays early access to September after engine upgrade


Just about two years ago, we first learned about a new survival MMO called Fractured Veil. It pulled in $110,000 on Kickstarter to fund a unique multiplayer base-builder set in a post-apoc Hawaii, and it’s been chugging along in development ever since. In fact, it was supposed to hit early access last year – but it’s still not there. Right now, the game is still in alpha with its Kickstarter founders, and the latest news from studio Paddle Creek Games is an upgrade to the game’s engine and another delay for early access.

“Maui is a tropical paradise even after the apocalypse,” the team explains. “Upgrading to UE 5.1 allows us to better capture that natural beauty and do the island’s landscape justice by heightening the immersive experience with foliage that is out of this world.”

“When Epic released 5.1, we all agreed it would be worth upgrading to give everyone the best player experience possible and also to compete with new games coming out this year. Fractured Veil is currently using version 4.27 – so it’s a BIG shift to catch up. UE 5.1 also comes with a great set of tools and features that allows us to improve the visual quality of the game, dramatically upgrade global lighting, and best of all, significantly increase performance quickly and efficiently.”

So where does that leave the roadmap? Well, the engine upgrade will land in the summer accompanied by more playesting, followed by the early access launch in September (which includes fishing, NPC settlements, and consumables), with new biomes and more coming by winter.

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