Bungie warns Destiny 2 players that it will be watching for cheating via the use of accessibility aides


Third-party peripherals and programs that are intended to make a game more accessible for certain players are a wonderful thing, but as usual, there are bad apples in Destiny 2 who are spoiling the bunch and are using these tools to cheat in PvP and PvE. It’s that behavior that opens the game’s weekly newsletter and sees Bungie making these gremlins aware that they are being monitored.

The post very carefully defines what an external accessibility aide is, which includes programmable controllers, keyboard and mouse adapters, advanced macros, or automation via artificial intelligence, and then specifies what breaking intended PvE design or gaining a PvP advantage means. Bungie makes it clear that it will be closely evaluating all gameplay and will issue warnings, suspensions, or bans for those who are found to be using accessibility tools to cheat.

The rest of the newsletter is mercifully more entertaining, as it announces a new type of commendation players can hand to one another for having a sweet outfit, outlines the next two Trials Labs that will be opening soon, and shares a charitable drive tied to an annual Kilts for Kids event; players can donate to get a special emblem and proceeds will benefit the Seattle Ronald McDonald House.

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