New World deep-dives the creation of its in-game languages


To understand this week’s New World video from the Amazon devs, you need to know first that a conlang is a made-up language – a constructed language – like Klingon or Quenya. Yes, I know that all languages are technically made up; work with me here. New World also has conlangs, including a language for the Corrupted.

“The goal was to make the Corrupted conlang sound more deep and guttural, with a staccato quality, which was far more fitting for hosts of an other-dimensional, demonic entity,” Amazon says. “When we were recording temp Voice over for the actors to give them a pronunciation guide, we played around with these vocalizations and intonations, finally settling on a pattern that we thought did the conlang justice. In other words, hearing the Corrupted conlang is much more disturbing than reading it.”

But of course, thanks to the dev blog, you can do both.

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