Harry Potter Quidditch Champions is a competitive multiplayer title currently taking playtest signups


The made-up sport of quidditch is a big enough portion of the Harry Potter franchise that it can become its own separate game, though the last time that happened was with the release of 2003’s Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup. That looks to be changing sometime in the immediate future with the launch of Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions.

According to the game’s new FAQ, Quidditch Champions is a “fast-paced competitive multiplayer title” where teams of players face off against one another on the broomstick riding pitch. Not too much is known about the game itself, but the same FAQ points out that players can either play solo or team up with friends, the title will be an online experience, and gamers can customize their quidditch player to their liking.

The FAQ also confirms that Quidditch Champions has been under development for “several years” by Unbroken Studios, which has made other online multiplayer titles like the shooter Fantastic Plastic Squad and the battle royale Fractured Lands.

As of right now, there is no release window for Quidditch Champions, but when it does release it will do so on PC and unspecified consoles. The game is currently taking registrations for playtesting, so those who are interested (and otherwise not openly boycotting anything Harry Potter-related thanks to the series’ problematic creator) can add their names to the pool if they wish.

source: official site (1, 2) via BBC News, thanks to WelshFox for the tip!
The Harry Potter franchise is considered a controversial brand owing to the transphobic rhetoric of its creator, which has prompted backlash and boycotts against video games set in the HP universe.
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