Multiplayer cozy game Fae Farm has been delayed from spring 2023 to late 2023


Dauntless studio Phoenix Labs first announced upcoming cozy multiplayer title Fae Farm last fall, with a launch window on the Nintendo Switch of spring 2023. Unfortunately, the team isn’t going to make that window: According to today’s press release, it’s not launching until “late 2023.”

The bad news isn’t framed as bad news or as a delay, but there it is nevertheless, and perhaps in an effort to soften the blow, Phoenix Labs has dropped a ton of new images of housing in the game, along with a description of how those player ownables will work.

“As players build up their farm and collect new resources, they will have a wealth of choices in decorating their home, from furniture to wall coverings to flooring, and more. With the ability to expand their home over time, players can collect up to four total homes across Azoria and enjoy Fae Farm’s cozy system. Certain pieces of furniture can confer special bonuses on a character, increasing maximum health, energy, and mana, as well as the speed at which players recharge these characteristics when they are inside their home. In Fae Farm, players experience a unique combination of crafting, cultivation, and decoration as they grow their own homestead and explore the enchanted island of Azoria. Whether solo or up to four players, Fae Farm allows gamers to foster deep relationships, traverse dungeons, and infuse magic into everything they do.”

Here’s the original trailer from last fall that got everyone so excited in the first place:

Source: Press release
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