Pax Dei demos nighttime housing gameplay, teases ‘high-stakes PvP’ and PvP building


Earlier this week, the devs of upcoming sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei posted a video and FAQ all about the game’s buildable housing. Now, Mainframe Industries has followed up that infodump with yet another video and answers to more questions prompted by feedback on the first batch – including a teaser for PvP. Here are the highlights:

  • Plots are basically claimable chunks on land on which you’ll be building your structures. Mainframe hasn’t decided how big the plots will be yet, but it sounds like they will be neither massive nor tiny.
  • While there are no doors in the builds shown in the videos, those are presumably coming. (And notoriously difficult.) Expect things like roads, access controls, caps on building height, and the chance to acquire more plots.
  • Yes, you can craft furniture and decorative items, though the devs admit that’s not fully fleshed out yet. They want to “support full RP gameplay” and promise to keep adding deco content over time. You won’t be able to design your own furniture, but there will be some customization (such as for wood types).
  • Building over water will be possible, but building is restricted to the Heartlands (PvP building destruction isn’t in yet), and the devs promise to deal with griefers. In fact, there’s quite a bit about PvP in part two of this housing FAQ.

“Basically, we’re working toward having a solid core game at launch, and PvP building is planned for a game update. Having said that, we absolutely want to have high-stakes PvP in the game launch version – it’s just the stakes are not related to building. The reason not to have the houses you’re building in Heartlands be part of PvP is that we want the base game to be enjoyable to even those who don’t want to participate in PvP directly. We believe even the hardcore PvPers deserve a resting place in the world to regroup and gather forces in preparation for the next battle.”

The new video is similar to the video released earlier this week, but it shows off the landscapes, sky, and lighting at night too.

Source: Twitter, Discord
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