Blue Protocol hosts a postmortem livestream after its latest Japanese network test

Plue Brotocol.

At the beginning of April, the devs for Bandai Namco’s anime MMORPG Blue Protocol promised they would share the results of the latest network test. Sure enough, a livestream doing just that made its debut earlier this morning, as it broke down the test’s progress, shared some test data, and outlined upcoming gameplay adjustments.

Translations provided by Blue Protocol DB show that the opening phases of network testing were remarkably bumpy, as multiple errors arose and some emergency maintenance was required. Ultimately, the devs deemed the test “stable” and acquired some useful information out of the experience. The team even shared some stats related to character creation, class popularity, and more.

The stream then confirmed a host of adjustments coming to the MMO as a result of player feedback. Improvements will be made to out-of-combat healing, elite monsters will have less HP but will hit harder, drop rates in hard dungeons and the overworld will be increased, various progression systems are being simplified, and class balancing is in the works. The devs are also addressing bugs with monsters attacking players in safe zones and party formation.

As for what’s next, the Bandai Namco confirmed that there will be no further network testing, and the next developer livestream is tentatively set for sometime in late May, when more details about new features and a possible Japanese launch date are planned to be announced. This does naturally tie itself to the MMO’s own western launch plans, which are just as up in the air as the Japanese release, so everyone is basically left twiddling their thumbs for the time being.

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