Fractured Veil takes a closer look at its earlier 2023 roadmap plans


Last week, the post-apoc zombie survival MMO Fractured Veil shared its most recent update plans, including an engine upgrade and a 2023 development roadmap that noted early access was being pushed back into September – the game’s second such delay after it missed its 2022 target. That 2023 roadmap is now being further contextualized by developer Paddle Creek Games, as the studio breaks down each of the three seasons’ worth of work.

The blog post (naturally) starts with summer, when the devs will release the UE 5.1 version of the build to existing testers next month. As for that season’s three public playtests, those will run between May and September and utilize Steam’s shiny green test request button in order to let new players in and stress the game’s servers.

During the fall, Fractured Veil will focus on adding more – more quests, more weapons, more armor, more loot, and more NPC settlements. The fall season’s updates will also improve enemy AI, enhance the game’s stability, add “the Aloha spirit” to the UI, and apply balance updates.

Finally, the winter months promise some new biomes to explore, new NPCs and further development of the game’s societies in order to make it feel more alive, the addition of mutant camps, and a killing shards mechanic that will be discussed in a later dev blog.

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