Eden Eternal returns in May under new management after being killed in 2021


It’s not every day that a gaming studio shutters three MMORPGs in one go, but this happened back in February 2021 when Gamigo closed the book on Defiance, Twin Saga, and Eden Eternal. And while two of those continue to moulder six feet underground, Eden Eternal is on the verge of coming back for a second attempt at life.

This time, Eden Eternal is coming back under the oversight of developer X-Legend Entertainment, which is globally re-releasing the game on May 4th. Fans can pre-register right now for a free mount — and free NFTs, if that stirs your jimmies into action.

“There are six basic classes available for players initially, but they can switch to new classes once they level up and meet specific class requirements,” the studio said. “With 20 different classes available, players can switch classes anytime and anywhere during the game.”

However, we note here that X-LEGEND announced back in March that it was hawking NFTs outside of the game, presumably in an attempt to get around Valve’s rules against NFTs on Steam. So buyer beware on this one, eh?

Source: Press release
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