Whatever happened to Kickstarted sci-fi PvP sandbox Dual Universe?


It’s time once more for all of us to collectively recall a title, wonder whatever happened to it, and then root around for answers to the question that usually lead to depressing revelations! On stage this time is Dual Universe, which readers remember launched last year after a Kickstarter, six years of early access, and the ousting of its original founder. Its most recent content update arrived back in February.

By all accounts, it appears the sandbox has fallen fallow. The game’s news portion holds no new information or teases about what might be coming next in terms of content, as the most recent post merely called attention to a livestream from last week that showed off player creations.

Highlighting player ships on Twitter and Facebook appears to be the only news, as it’s otherwise pretty quiet all across the board: The game’s YouTube channel hasn’t had an upload in two months, the official Discord has people arguing about what’s pay-to-win in the sandbox at the time of this writing, and the official forums see players ruminating about what the future holds for DU and developer Novaquark.

The best guess about game health might be data from Steam, which shows the head count on that platform take a nose dive from an already meager all-time record and a host of angry user reviews that mostly balk at the game’s subscription model. Obviously this isn’t the entire picture, as the game can be played on PC without Steam, but the overall outlook for DU appears to be kind of bleak.

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