New World is finally letting players create multiple characters on a single server


Earlier this week, following the merge of 11 New World servers, MOP’s New World columnist Tyler noted that he’d joined an unusual club: the group of New World players who’d inadvertently scored multiple characters on a single server. Alas, he was in this club only a few days – or rather we should say, the club has rapidly grown to include everyone – as apparently Amazon decided that wasn’t entirely fair and has now allowed it for the entire playerhase – something people have been begging for since the dawn of the game.

“As of [6 p.m. EDT yesterday] we will be removing the restriction on the number of characters a player can have on each server. Some examples of things you can now do after this change: create multiple characters on one server, transfer Fresh Start characters to a world where you already have a character. Please note this does not remove the restriction on the max number of three characters that players can create per region. We hope this will allow players more flexibility to play on their desired servers.”

Do note that in addition to the fact that you’re limited in regional toons, those toons on the same server are also limited in what they can PvP flag-wise do, largely to prevent factional PvP shenanigans.

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