The Daily Grind: Would you keep playing an MMO if it deleted your favorite class?


Last week, Nexon announced the unthinkable: It told players it was immediately locking creation of one of the game’s playable character classes, Jett, and deleting her from the game next year. The motivation for the removal is abundantly clear; the character was built for and released to only the global edition of the game, and Nexon didn’t want to spend resources maintaining her for the global playerbase any longer. That’s insult enough, but naturally, people who’d played the toon for her entire 11-year lifespan were especially outraged at the idea that they’ll be forced to convert their favorite toon into something else.

But I didn’t see many people threatening to actually quit.

I tried to think about what I’d do if an MMO deleted my favorite class. The only time it’s ever come close to happening to me is Star Wars Galaxies, when the game deleted the Bio-Engineer (my alt) and therefore broke Chef (my main crafter). But I had already left the game when it happened, so it wasn’t as painful, and eventually, the skills from those classes were all reinstated, so by the time I went back again, I was mostly over it.

How about you – would you keep playing an MMO if it deleted your favorite class?

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