2012 KingsIsle MMO Pirate101 is finally heading to Steam later this month


All right, let’s be real, if you’re interested in Pirate101 you probably are already playing it and don’t need the game to be on Steam in order to get invested. But that is a great way for the game to reach an expanded audience, particularly given the huge push from the community to revitalize the game and then the Gamigo buyout, so it’s understandable that Kingsisle is –

Wait a minute, what do you mean I have to write this post in the pirate voice? I hate doing the pirate voice. I don’t want to do the pirate voice!

Fine, I’ll do the pirate voice. Ugh. The summer bonus better be great this year.

Avast, ye scallywags, because Pirate101 be pullin’ into port on the dangerous waters of Steam later this month of May! If’n ye never played the game before, it’ll be the perfect time fer explorin’ all the coves and turns of the game on a massive platform. And remember, because of the size of Steam as a platform it be a good way to draw new people to the game, so even if ye play elsewhere, consider usin’ the Steam installation and wishlistin’ the game to support the game’s rankin’ or whatever. Rum, plank, scurvy. Are we done now? Good.

Source: Twitter, Steam
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