Ethyrial Echoes of Yore will see a full wipe two weeks after launch for a full do-over


While our own impressions of new indie MMO Ethyrial Echoes of Yore weren’t great, we did note that the studio behind the game, Gellyberry, had been slavishly updating the game and attending to issues ahead of the launch. That demonstrated effort continues post-launch, as last night the team put up a large post on Steam to address the game’s launch problems.

“We wish to apologize for the rocky launch and subsequent issues that we have been having. From login issues to game-breaking bugs, and to even the shocker today that was the duplicate transactions,” the studio says. “It is no surprise that each of these issues has made the gaming and launch experience incredibly unstable for all of you, and we wish to make it up to you as best as we possibly can.”

Gellyberry says its main priority is refunding the buggy double subs we mentioned yesterday, which it now says was “due to a technical problem [its] end,” not Steam’s. But everyone who bought in will be affected by the next move, which is essentially a full wipe of a launched game.

“On May 12th, the servers will be reset and everyone will start the game fresh. Yes, we are doing a full wipe and essentially restarting the game on May 12th. Up until then, players will be welcome to play to help us identify additional issues, as well as confirm that current issues are resolved. All players with an active subscription by May 12th will receive 2 weeks of game-time on their account to make up for the time lost between launch and May 12th. Additionally, all accounts will receive a special ‘I Survived Launch!’ cosmetic, which will be a special item to be polled by the community at a later date.”

We’d like to say that it’s unheard of for a launched MMO to wipe midstream, but it’s sadly not uncommon at all. However, it does mean that the next week and a half are essentially another round of beta – paid beta. If you’re sticking with it and not refunding, you may as well go wild.

Source: Steam
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