Final Fantasy XIV offers more Dark Throne previews on its special site

Well, you'll go bananas... ON THE MOON!

The next major patch for Final Fantasy XIV is called The Dark Throne, which clearly means that someone screwed up in the naming department because there are alchemists on the moon. That’s your patch title. Alchemy On The Moon is clearly the best patch title and also a killer progressive rock album that doesn’t exist. Why in the world would anyone not lead with that? Like, you have to click through a few other pictures to see that in the latest update to the special site; why are the developers burying the lede?

Of course, if you want to scroll past alchemists on the moon, there’s also a preview of the new dungeon, The Aetherfont, and the final wing of Pandæmonium, Anabaseios. There’s also new duty support options for the first several dungeons in Stormblood and a new Unreal trial facing off against Zurvan. While more will no doubt be revealed when the next live letter arrives on May 12th, this should help whet your appetite.

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