Star Trek Online previews the new TFO, Leviathan, coming with the Unraveled update


Despite the name, the new task force operation arriving in Star Trek Online with the Unraveled update does not take place underwater. The ships in the game are meant for traveling through space, not water. But the next TFO is still dubbed Leviathan, and it sees captains teaming up to take on a battle across the central trench of The Other, the mirror universe version of V’Ger. So the name is fitting.

Players had already experienced this battle as the climax of the Terran Gambit arc, but now a new and more challenging version will see players team up to take down harrowing opponents while rescuing allied craft and traversing all three trenches. This will arrive for PC players on May 9th, so you’ve got about a week to go until you can take on Leviathan yourself. Just be careful not to get in over your head.

Yes, it’s a water reference.

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