Pokemon Go pushes back against ‘incorrect’ estimates that its revenue has dropped this year

Please get out of my yard.

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is a private company, which means that it doesn’t share its quarterly financial reports with anyone since it’s not being openly traded and doesn’t have to answer to an investor board. That hasn’t stopped speculation and attempted guesses from happening though, which is precisely what happened in a MobileGamer.biz report that Niantic is calling “incorrect.”

The MobileGamer report cited data that suggested POGO revenue was down in March to $42.8M and again in April to $34.7M, which in turn brought revenue figures their lowest monthly total since February 2018.

However, a Niantic spokesperson denied the estimates and claimed that revenue in 2023 is up from last year – without specifying which months make up 2023. “We generally don’t comment on third-party estimates of our revenue as they are often incorrect, which is the case here,” the spokesperson is quoted as saying.

Even so, that same spokesperson didn’t correct the April estimates and even suggested that these figures are normal because “month to month trends […] fluctuate based on major live events.” Additionally, Niantic claims that in-person raids have increased since the studio made the controversial decision to eliminate remote raiding from POGO in April.

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