Elite Dangerous previews Update 15’s new ship tech, new Thargoid foes, and a new ground mission


Earlier this week we learned that Update 15 for Elite: Dangerous would be getting a May 9th release date but we didn’t know anything about the actual patch’s content. And while Frontier Developments said it would be releasing patch notes soon, it has also offered some preliminary details on Update 15’s feature set.

This preview confirmed the introduction of a new Thargoid pulse neutralizer that players can equip on their spacecraft to let them dive deeper into Thargoid maelstroms than ever before. Just what will be found within these maelstroms isn’t known, but the threat of a new hunter class ship known as the Glaive is certainly possible, which is said to be small, fast, heavily armored, and capable of flying circles around all but the best-equipped starships players can put together.

In addition to the focus on maelstrom diving, a new stealth-focused on-foot mission will be introduced that tasks players with stealthily powering up planetary settlements without being zapped by Thargoid Revenants that patrol the area. This new enemy type is described as a flying foe about the size of a moon rover with a bright yellow vision cone that players will have to avoid. Should players be spotted, the Revenant will obviously do all sorts of awful things like open fire and draw other enemies to the area.

More information is still expected to be shared to players in the form of usual patch notes at some point down the line, but we can all at least stop generally wondering just what Update 15 holds.

source: Polygon
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