New World patches in massive buffs to the humdrum Springtide Bloom event


If you found that the Springtide Bloom event in New World was a bit on the grindy side as our own New World players did, you’ll perhaps be happy to learn that a patch applied earlier this week may have improved things on that front as it adjusts drop rates, rewards, and other associated matters.

The update has specifically increased the number of wispybloom petals that players can gather, increased the drop rates of wasp goo from 10% to 75%, and added more springtide tokens currency to event-specific sacks and gift piles. Additionally, the wispy spritz item needed to engage in the event and the tokens players earn from the affair no longer have any weight.

The patch has also fixed a leaderboard bug on top of it all, but for the most part, this patch is primarily aimed at attempting to make Springtide more rewarding and less annoying.

source: Twitter
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