Dinosaur survival MMO Path of Titans brings nighttime dangers in its May 10 Night Stalker update


Remember Path of Titans? It’s a self-described “open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure” that entered closed beta last summer after it tried to raise crowdfunding cash in 2019 via Indiegogo. developer Alderon Games still calls the game a closed beta title but has released on multiple platforms including PC via its own launcher, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Since then, the game has made a number of updates, with its last major one being December’s Gondwa update, but now Alderon is preparing for its next big content injection in the form of the Night Stalker update, which is introducing a variety of updates that will make the nighttime more advantageous or more dangerous, depending on what kind of prehistoric critter players control.

“The abilities introduced in this update, such as Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, will increase the mystique and thrills of dinosaur combat in nighttime encounters. Small and midsized carnivores will see their prowess increased after dark with more than ten new and updated abilities. Abilities such as The Call of the Night Terrors will provide the Latenivenatrix with a boost to stamina recovery and damage, making it the ultimate predator.”

Overall the Night Stalker patch updates models and animations for seven different species, adds 10 new abilities to nine of the game’s existing critters, and enhances the survivalbox’s questing and party system with stacking abilities for party members. A full trailer is promised for the update’s release on May 10th, but a teaser trailer is available for viewing now.

source: press release
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