Hearthstone launches Battlegrounds Season 4 and brings tweaks to heroes, minions, and armor tiers today

Oh gosh.

It’s time for the start of Battlegrounds Season 4 in Hearthstone as the game’s newest patch brings all of the newest season’s features online today. That means there’s a new hero card, tweaks to keywords, and some new minions, though the types of those cards will be coming in three phases over the month of May.

In addition the the new Battlegrounds season, this new patch applies more general updates like tweaks to a couple of hero abilities, updates on which heroes are banned or unbanned in certain lobbies, a long list of tier updates for the armor values of various heroes, and granular details on new and updated minion cards. The patch also confirms the return of heroic tavern brawl and shares a list of bug fixes, so whether you’re into Season 4 or not, the patch notes should have something for you to read.

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