Dungeons and Dragons Online creates a memorial for a late developer, preps the next hardcore season


Tucked into the patch notes for Dungeons and Dragons Online’s Update 59.1 this week are a few items of importance.

For starters, Standing Stone Games added another memorial to the game world, this time for the late developer HumbleFriar who passed away last month. Players can visit this addition in the Gary Gygax memorial garden of DDO.

SSG said that it changed the game code to automatically throw account-wide pets and mounts from special offers into players’ stables rather than clogging up their inventory with a certificate that needs to be clicked.

And finally, DDO is gearing up for Hardcore Season 8 this month: “The hardcore vendor in the Hall of Heroes is temporarily unavailable while we prepare for the next season of hardcore! The hardcore vendor will return at the start of Season 8, slated to begin on Wednesday, May 17th. Leaderboards from Season 7 are now available in the Hall of Heroes!”

Source: DDO
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