Indie MMO Genfanad aims to shore up combat and more ahead of Steam launch


Kickstarted indie MMO Genfanad dropped a dev blog last night describing its new philosophy for development going forward. Readers will recall that the game launched into a no-wipe early access last fall as a “nostalgic browser-based MMORPG” with $20K in Kickstarter funding, but it had a rough start, and Rose-Tinted Games was already looking to course-correct as of January. Now we’re getting an idea just what that means.

“The type of gameplay we’re structuring the game around is ‘preparation gameplay’. Figuring out what resources to use, how to most optimally utilize them, how to reduce travel time and increase survivability, and decisions like that. To be clear with this philosophy, we are making a game that is accessible, that does not require a lot of clicking, but one where thinking about what you’re doing and choosing the right tool for the job brings you more success than trying to click as fast as possible.”

Specifically, Rose-Tinted Games is addressing exploration mechanics, bloom-hunting, story and gameplay integration, bite-sized goals, quest improvements, and crafting love. Even “combat is in a better place than before,” the studio says. Beyond those more immediate issues, the team says it’s hoping to build out a new user experience and tutorial, improve the game’s stickiness, upgrade gathering gameplay, and continue working on combat, particularly magic and ranged skills. Graphics are also on deck for an overhaul.

The game is expected to hit Steam on June 15th.

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