Lord of the Rings Online begins testing Update 36 and the King’s Gondor region


Bullroarer is open for business in Lord of the Rings Online, and this particular run on the test server is a big deal as it’s got quite a bit of much-anticipated content in store – most notably, King’s Gondor.

“King’s Gondor is the latest level 140 region being introduced to LOTRO as part of Update 36,” Standing Stone Games says. “This region is set after the Battle of Pelennor Fields and the Great Wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. Gone are the gloomy dark skies, replaced with bright and sunny fields and hills! By and large, if you are familiar with the original Central and Eastern Gondor regions, you will be familiar with King’s Gondor from a navigation standpoint. There are some new additions, with impassables pulled down in spots to allow for more exploration and to bring something fresh to an old region.‚Äč”

There’s more in testing than the new zone, however; the Paths of Valour landscape difficulty system has been tweaked from its Treebeard version and ported over, siege mechanics have descended upon PvMP, and several older instances have joined the Delvings system. Bullroarer is open through tomorrow evening, but if you miss the window, don’t worry: It always reopens a few times before launch.


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