New World yanks some of its seasonal challenges for being too challenging


New World’s first seasonal pass hasn’t been the smooth, exciting experience that Amazon hoped it would be — and now the studio is taking action to tamp down on a difficulty spike that’s kept some players from progressing through it.

Released in April after a delay, the Fellowship and Fire season made headlines… for being coupled with a bug that gobbled up people’s gear. Past the rocky start, players eventually realized that finishing the reward track was incredibly hard for many players.

“The final two chapters are also completely out of reach of solo players, as completing them requires significant time spent in endgame group activities,” MOP’s Tyler noted about the overall season journey.

As another player noted on Reddit, “The season pass progression seems to be heavily slanted towards max level players. There’s no way to progress in the season pass in any meaningful way unless you’re able to craft max tier items, and get to regions of the map meant for level 60 players, or play PvP.”

To help with the overall difficulty of the season, Amazon announced this week that it’s yanking some of its challenges – some of which had only just been introduced in the last week or two: “We’ll be disabling five season activities that are proving more challenging and costly to complete than we’d like. We anticipate that this change will make progressing your activity card slightly easier.”

Source: Twitter
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