Final Fantasy XIV confirms May 23 launch date and additional content details for The Dark Throne update


The newest Live Letter from Final Fantasy XIV has just wrapped up, and it is once again full of information regarding the MMORPG’s Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne, including a new trailer, a host of details on upcoming content features, and a release date of Tuesday, May 23rd.

The preview naturally covered earlier reveals including the new dungeon, new raid, a new Unreal version of the Zurvan trial, and the fight against Golbez, which will make up the majority of Patch 6.4’s content. Other things coming in the update include another Tataru’s Grand Endeavor quest, several job adjustments primarily aimed at tuning DPS jobs, the next season of Crystalline Conflict, and the addition of Stormblood dungeons to the Duty Support system.

As for features set to arrive in Patch 6.45, those include new Criterion/Variant dungeons that take place in Hingashi; more new Blue Mage content like a level cap, new spells, and more Masked Carnivale challenges; another round of Hildibrand quests as well as the next step in the Hildibrand relic weapons; and more Island Sanctuary content. This patch is expected around eight weeks after Patch 6.4 goes live.

Finally, several other extra features were announced like characters getting 100 gear sets, a slight reduction in the costs to get the most recent Savage raid gear, a new ocean fishing route through Kugane, and more new gear sets, furnishings, mounts, and minions. Fans have put together a summary thread, the fan site Nova Crystallis has posted a play-by-play thread on Twitter, and the game’s official special site has also been updated.

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