World of Warcraft patch 10.1.5 notes are up on the test realm with further unannounced changes

Easier allied races, easier riding skills, easier Warlock pet customization

Not a lizard.

You might think that World of Warcraft would focus on, you know… the new patch it actually released last week. But that’s boring; time to focus on patch 10.1.5, Fractures in Time. See, it even gets its own special title and everything! And while the main points on the test realm are things that players already know about from the announcement, there are other features that were not included there but will still be a notable change.

For example, riding skills will no longer require a trip to a skill trainer to learn; players will automatically earn each rank of riding skill by reaching the appropriate level, which will save gold and time along the way. Allied races also no longer require achievements at all, unlocking simply as players reach the required level. Warlock pet glyphs are being changed to unlock grimoires, and players can also track transmog appearances they wish to collect via shift-click just as they can track achievements or quests. Check out the full rundown of patch notes to get more details on these and other changes, including balance shifts.

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