Sea of Thieves irons out gameplay wrinkles, adds new cosmetics, and collabs with a maritime museum


If you have fond memories of the time when the Pirates of the Caribbean movie collaborated with Sea of Thieves back in December 2021, then you might be interested to learn that the sandbox’s latest update has added a few cosmetic goodies inspired by the film and the in-game adventure in its cash shop, including character costumes, new pets, and several cabin decorations that celebrate A Pirate’s Life.

As far as content for the latest patch, that’s primarily focused on ironing out some general gameplay matters and bugs: Players defeated in matched PvP battles will now be able to immediately purchase supply bundles to get back into the fight faster, players can now be directly reported from a new settings menu, enemies being hit with a harpoon will be hurt again (as is appropriate), and bugs related to boarding a ship, being fired from a specific cannon, and visuals and audio are fixed.

The devs at Rare have put out a news digest video that not only offers a look at some of the aforementioned cosmetics, but also notes its involvement with a piracy-focused exhibit at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, UK, where visitors can look at the pop cultural impact of pirates as well as learn some of the more interesting and darker truths of historical pirates. The exhibit is available from now until December 2024.

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