Dungeons and Dragons Online adds a scavenger hunt in its latest hardcore season


Finding a hidden surprise in newly released content is fun, but it appears that some of that fun is being spoiled for players of Dungeons and Dragons Online’s new hardcore season, which silently introduced a scavenger hunt for players to take up – on that initially upset players who thought it included a paywall.

The discovery of this scavenger hunt was originally being shared in the MMORPG’s forums, with players spreading their findings and coordinating their efforts to help everyone find the seven hidden golden chests and ultimately get a big promised reward at the end. However, things took a temporary turn for the disappointing when one player discovered that one of the chests required players to own the Fables of the Feywild DLC. Additionally, while players with a guest pass can open purchased content they own to their friends who haven’t bought in, no such guest pass has been made for Feywild yet.

This ignited a tinderbox of discussion as players either expressed dismay at the decision or tried to defend Standing Stone Games’ stance. Many players argue that the hardcore season – which is open to free players this time around – shouldn’t put a paywall between those players and the scavenger hunt, while others maintain that the Feywild DLC was part of an earlier free quest pack or believe that hardcore should be open only to VIPs once more.

Fortunately, as the week has progressed, players found more chests, meaning that the DLC chest isn’t technically required to get to seven after all. See, SSG doesn’t hate free players!

source: official forums, thanks to Brandon for the tip!
Many thanks to Strimtom, who clarified for us that players have since discovered more chests, meaning that the Fables of the Feywild isnt required after all. We’ve updated our post accordingly!
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