Destiny 2 outlines Season 21 weapon changes and condenses all of next week’s updates


The Season of the Deep is rapidly approaching Destiny 2 and that means change is a-comin’. One of the things that are changing are weapons, which got their own deep-dive dev blog earlier in the week.

As one would likely expect, this post gets pretty granular as it outlines specific adjustments being made to several exotic weapons, details visual adjustments to reticles for various guns both in ironsight and hip fire, shares tweaks to legendary weapon perks, and looks at an update to the weapon UI that lets players spin their shiny new guns around to view it from multiple angles.

This update blog is the last of multiple such previews Bungie has shared over the course of the month, which were all condensed in this week’s newsletter. The list covers exotic armor updates, several quality-of-life tweaks, PvE tuning, and changes to the Crucible. The newsletter also granted a look at the new Strand aspects each class will have access to, detailed what perks await in the Season 21 artifact, showcased new visuals for elemental shields, and outlined a number of backend updates to make patching go smoother.

source: official site (1, 2)
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