Elder Scrolls Online walks players through the steps of adding voice over to the MMORPG


As one might expect, putting voice to the characters of The Elder Scrolls Online is a lot of work – that’s not a forgone conclusion to leap to. Still, fans of the MMORPG might be interested to learn just how much work that entails with an internal interview from ZeniMax Online Studios with VO Lead Becky Ichnoski.

Ichnoski goes through several steps of the voice over process, from auditions to recording to integration of voice lines into the game. Ichnoski also offers up some interesting little behind-the-scenes tidbits like whether script changes can be made or not, the difficulties actors face with pronunciation, and some of her team’s favorite characters and actors, such as Matthew Jayson Cwern’s take on Sotha Sil and Mark Whitten’s Arox the Mutilator. It might not be an earth-shattering read, but it does offer an interesting little look at one of the MMO’s bigger components.

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