Destiny 2 brings underwater locations, new gear, and a fishing activity in Season of the Deep today


Now that the Season of Defiance has wrapped up, it’s time for the Guardians of Destiny 2 to take the next logical step: dive into the methane seas of Titan and investigate a sudden distress signal to help out a whale. Also, to go fishing. These are some of the things awaiting players of the looter shooter with the start of today’s Season of the Deep.

The next leg in the shooter’s current narrative will have players dropping beneath the waves to explore underwater locations and track down the Titan Commander Sloane, who put out a distress call that draws players into a meeting with a whale that apparently knows things about the Witness. In terms of content, season pass owners will get access to weekly missions associated with the story, as well as a matchmade activity known as Salvage and a new fishing activity. You read that right, fishing. Fans are pretty excited.

In addition to the seasonal content, the update will add a new dungeon that opens this Friday, May 26th, for those who own the latest expansion and annual pass or those who purchase a dungeon key, introduce a host of new weapons and armor, make several Crucible updates, and apply all of the adjustments that Bungie has been talking up all month.

The Season of the Deep runs between now and August 22nd. A trailer awaits below. As does an all-knowing whale, apparently.

source: press release
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