Drakensang Online’s Steam version moves out of early access into full launch along with a new server


Last September, the classic isometric MMO Drakensang Online made a surprise early access arrival to Steam, with plans to be in early access for about two months. That obviously didn’t happen, but developer Bigpoint Games confirmed last week that early access is over and a full release on the platform is now available.

As part of this new platform launch, the MMO is opening up the new Harold server for all players to access. This is effectively a fresh start server, promising “a level playing field for players to rise to the top of the rankings and challenge fellow warriors and magic wielders for glory.” In addition, this server will be host to a unique Heroes Assemble event that grants players powerful items and gear to give their characters a boost. However, user reviews are currently sitting in the “Mixed” score, with some enjoying its old-school proclivities and others venting frustration at the Dark Legacy update and claiming the free-to-play MMO is pay-to-win.

The announcement closes with a few words of thanks for early access players and the promise of a new content expansion for later this year, but in the meantime those players can access this title from a new platform assuming Steam reviews don’t drive you away.

sources: press release, Steam
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