Popular Final Fantasy XIV UI modder calls it quits thanks to a lapse in gaming overall

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We all know that modding in Final Fantasy XIV is against the MMORPG’s terms of service (and has even raised some trouble within the community), but there are some mods that are generally benign, such as the Material UI mod that colorizes various UI elements of the game. However, it looks like the latest update to this particular mod will be its last as creator Skotlex is calling it quits.

According to the self-admitted auto-translation announcement in April, Skotlex is “not playing games at all these days” in general and has stopped playing FFXIV in specific, which presents a problem for keeping Materials UI updated since it requires him to “experience the content firsthand to continuously update the [mod].” Materials UI has since had its last update published earlier this week.

The notes for this last release and the related community Discord also note that Skotlex is having “a slow conversation” with someone to take over management of both the Discord server and the mod itself. Skotlex hopes to have something sorted out by June but does point out that the mod’s GitHub page and the Discord will go away on June 30th unless someone else takes the reins.

sources: GitHub (1, 2), Discord
Update 6/1
The original Discord for this mod will apparently become a more generic modding channel, and the mod will be “community maintained.”

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