EVE Online shares Viridian’s new ships and structure personalization, debuts documentary and new house band


With EVE Online’s Viridian expansion going live this month, the hype shuttle has begun to be piloted by CCP Games as it details some of the expansion’s feature set. And yes, it’s totally a hype shuttle and not a hype train. Trains don’t work in space, silly.

Last week saw the introduction of lancers, a new Tech II dreadnought class ship arriving with Viridian that will field disruptive beam weapons intended to cause AoE havoc on the battlefield. In addition to the new ship type, Viridian is bringing some overall tweaks to Tech I dreadnoughts that will make them more cost efficient. Another new feature for Viridian highlighted this week was the addition of new personalization options for corporation upwell structures that let a “brand manager” role apply custom colors to these space buildings.

In addition to the Viridian previews, CCP Games has also been launching the hype shuttle for its 2023 Fanfest, with guest speakers like astrophysicist Mark McCaughrean, “Empires of EVE” author Andrew Groen, and NASA JPL’s Charles “Space Pope” White confirmed for the event, along with the first performance of the studio’s new house band Crowd Con7rol, which will be playing their new song live at the event, and the debut of a making-of documentary.

Speaking of documentaries, a new documentary that celebrates 20 years of EVE’s community has also debuted, and a 20th anniversary collector’s edition of the game from Limited Run is set to go on sale on July 7th.

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