Lord of the Rings Online says hello to King’s Gondor, farewell to Shadowfax


It’s been a week of transitions for Lord of the Rings Online. The fantasy MMO said farewell to the speedy Shadowfax server following its two-year run, with its (small) population sharing fond memories of the rapid trip through the title.

But it wasn’t all sad farewells. In fact, the game’s larger population welcomed the arrival of Update 36: Gondor Renewed and its additional high-level questing content though “King’s Gondor.” The patch came with over 80 quests (including a new epic series), adjustable landscape difficulty, and an expansion to the delving system.

If you don’t mind a few spoilers (or are years away from reaching level 140 and the current end of the game), here are a couple of previews of this sunnier, happier version of Gondor:

Source: LOTRO
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