Tarisland sets its scene in new video with new animated art and more questionable narration


“Most in your progression these millions of years, still low in rank, no wiser than a fool.”
“Plague, hatred, war, and death; come as I now decree!”
“The doom looms in sight… there’s no escape.”

These are some of the lines actually read in the latest teaser trailer out of Tarisland, which tries to set up the stakes of some villainous person’s ambitions and evoke a world on the brink of apocalypse while also using some very off-putting localization for the video’s narration – a point that many of our readers raised the last time Tencent put out a video.

Ultimately this new trailer features some lovely animated artwork to dress up its underwhelming dialogue, while the video’s description continues to promise closed beta testing soon. It’s a curious vignette of Tencent’s high-effort art and low-effort porting to our shores that we’re sharing right after the cut. Enjoy.

source: YouTube
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