Old School RuneScape postpones Forestry open beta, RuneScape invites players to the Beach


Last week saw the long-dormant Bounty Hunter PvP activity make its grand return to Old School RuneScape, which means that it’s time for Jagex to fiddle with the knobs and balance the activity around player feedback. Last week’s tweaks include longer immunity from rogues while entering the Crater, penalty alerts in the UI, and cost adjustments for a wide variety of items, among other updates.

In addition to these changes, Jagex has outlined several upcoming additions to Bounty Hunter, like the introduction of an Earning Potential mechanic to let newer players earn some extra loot and mitigate the sting of losing gear, issuing of punishments to players who partake in boosting, and adjustments to esoteric emblems and ancient warrior armor.

On the complete opposite side of the OSRS activity coin, Jagex announced plans for an open beta on June 5th – today – for its more serene and co-operative Forestry minigame, which will feature new equipment, new abilities, Forestry-related events, and (most importantly) tea brewing. However, as of this afternoon, the beta has been postponed:

Meanwhile, RuneScape’s latest patch has re-opened the Beach summer event for players, kicked off a Golden Cape hunt event for subscribers, and taken a deeper look at the reveal of its upcoming Necromancy skill.

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