Pax Dei announces June 11 showcase, shares bug-filled pics from recent test


Usually, games are not too willing to share their most unflattering side, relying on sizzle reels, flashy vignettes, and dynamic screenshots to put their best foot forward. The developing sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei is a bit different, as Mainframe Industries is electing to share some screenshots of fun and amusing bugs found by friends and family testers on the game’s Discord, which we’ve collected in a gallery below.

This look behind the testing curtain isn’t to suggest that Pax Dei won’t try to present itself in the best possible light, however, as the post also confirmed that it will be showcased during the PC Gaming Show on Sunday, June 11th. The devs at Mainframe Industries are also putting together an FAQ and a new video about building the game’s world, which should be arriving in roughly two weeks’ time.

Finally, on the subject of testing, the post confirms that wider alpha testing won’t be happening anytime soon, though it also promises that the “full package” will be available when alpha is ready to begin. Ideally, there will be fewer floating dogs and physics-defying houses as seen below.

source: Discord
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