Union pressure forces Activision-Blizzard to share details of workers’ union rights


The Communications Workers of America (CWA) has filed unfair labor practice charges against Activision-Blizzard multiple times, but at least three of those ongoing ULPs have now been rescinded by the union as a result of some changes the game studio made in response.

The ULPs in question were related to “company interference with and surveillance of protected concerted activity” accusations that were raised by the CWA in 2022, which were found to have merit by the National Labor Relations Board. This, in turn, has bound ActiBlizz to agree to post a company-wide notice informing workers of their unionization rights. In addition, disciplinary action against an employee was rescinded.

While the charges tied to this matter have been halted by the CWA as a result of this agreement, the union still points out that other ULPs are active, including ones related to Blizzard’s attempts to derail Raven Software’s unionization, denial of raises to unionizing workers that were offered to other QA employees, and accusations that Blizzard “withheld benefits and solicited grievances in violation of the National Labor Relations Act.”

The CWA also had some choice words for the cottony-soft Bobby Kotick interview that Variety farted out last week, saying in a statement that his comments were “bluster” and a deflection of accountability from himself towards workers and media, and while the CWA noted Blizzard and the QA workers union formed in the Albany studio have started to reach tentative labor agreements, the union also says Kotick’s statements risk threatening the process. “What happens next is up to Activision-Blizzard,” the statement closes.

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